Evovate Ltd: About Us.

Evovate Ltd was formed over 20 years ago in a very different guise. We started life as a collection of sports coaches and teachers, working privately and for the Active Sports partnership. We travelled the country, no common name or group identity to call ourselves other than ‘coaches’  helping to develop hockey at a grass roots level. As time passed we created a network of like minded people, worked with some incredible companies learning a lot of skills, lessons and wisdom from anyone and everyone that we could. After blue chip careers in the world of FMCG food, nutrition and e-commerce operations we took a distinct move forward into the world of sports retail, both with a physical shop and online, using the experiences and lessons we learnt previously to create a new look business that finally had a name. In 2012 Evovate Ltd was officially born.

black evovate

2012 Evovate Logo.

In the summer of 2013 we developed a ground breaking platform that gave sports clubs their very own shop, one that was branded in their colours and with their logos, that served their members with their own products but importantly it was managed by us. We took the hassle away from e-commerce by allowing the clubs to focus on doing what they did best in coaching, setting up games, creating and maintaining their community, we managed their shops and made sure everyone we made contact with had access to the UK’s best brands and products at great prices.

We started small with a handful of test sites to make sure the platform worked, that we could cope with the extra demand and that we did everything we could to get the service as good as we would want it to be if we were the customer. We built 10 sites in our first year, learnt a lot about what did and didnt work, with 4 of them fully set up and running well, the others developmental sites that tried new technologies that didn’t give us the results we wanted.

2 years later, after lots of development, feedback and testing we have now launched the Your Shop brand. Each shop we create provides our clients with a revenue stream for use as they see fit, we encourage them to purchase coaching equipment to benefit grass roots sports development and make the revenue go further by giving extra discounts to do so. Our customers are happy, they recommend the service and we are pleased to say the service is growing and growing day by day.

Evovate Sports website
Evovate Sports B2C website

The business will never stand still. To date we have focused on hockey, rugby and netball, but 2016 sees us moving into the exciting world of First Aid, physiotherapy and school uniform supply. With the Your Shop platform we have a service that helps a significant amount of people, this will be the future of the business alongside our growing wholesale service which sells bespoke branded clothing to clubs and schools in the UK. Long may the adventure continue, long may we meet more incredible people along the way.

Your Shop. Your Way.

Interested to know even more? Contact us using the link on the page or email us at info@evovate.co.uk and arrange to come and see us at our showroom and warehouse unit.

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