Your Shop, a trusted service for clubs, schools and professional service providers.

Your Shop is going from strength to strength with new brands, products, categories and tech being added all the time. The service has been built from the ground up meaning that it isn’t an after thought to provide a bespoke shop version for the groups we work with, we actually built it that way from the start.

Your Shop bespoke options
Your Shop bespoke options

We enjoy helping groups give their members and pupils another reason to go back to them other than for the core relationship. The best part of the set up is that the group creates a revenue stream from every sale so the more their members and pupils use them the more they benefit. We have helped develop grass roots sport to a huge amount of people by subsidising the items on which the groups spend the money they make, be it sports equipment, team clothing or even nutrition. This is just one of the ways we help the groups add more value to an already important relationship.

Want to know more about the service? Check out what some our customers have to say:

Gary Johnson, founder of Hurricane Sport (

Hurricane Sports have worked with Evovate and the Your Shop service for a couple of years now and we have been impressed with the service we have received. The website is easy for myself and customers to use, the products that have been sold are of a high quality but at affordable and comparable price to other and much larger outlets. 
Overall the Your Shop platform offers a professional, efficient and reliable service and Hurricane Sports would highly recommend to others.
Hurricane Sport
Colin Dexter, owner Legends Hockey Camps (
The team at Evovate have provided a good service to our hockey camps with the Your Shop service which we hold at Princethorpe College in Warwickshire. There are not many outlets providing quality equipment in the area, the nearest specialist is in Leicester 45 minutes away, so having a physical shop on site throughout the camps and the online version that they can all access at home all year round means that they can try and buy or order later on.
The best element for us is that it means that the players can purchase top brands and emerging brands and use them immediately.
Colin talking about our event shop set up:
Of course many of our players are very young (the age range is from 4-16 of both genders) and the really young ones just love the impulse buying opportunity when they are at the camps. Low priced items as multi coloured chamois grips and fluorescent socks fit the bill perfectly. Evovate set out the physical shop in a way that adds another dimension to the camps. Many players are residential and the shop acts as another attraction keeping the players constantly talking about the game and learning about everything connected to it.
Legends hockey shop
Legends hockey shop
Matt Gausden, Communications officer, Northampton Hockey Club (
Having our own branded online club shop has been a huge benefit to us. It offers all our members, both junior and adults, the chance to go to once place to purchase all branded club kit along with all equipment like sticks, shoes and other hockey accessories that they need to safely and competently play. As well as providing the club with an additional revenue source, which has allowed us to pump money back into the club to invest in various areas, it has also freed up time from the volunteers that run the club. We were really pleased as well that the branding of the club shop tied in nicely with our own club website and that we could use it within our normal club information website.
NHC club shop
NHC club shop

Looking to find out more? email us and we will be happy to call and talk through:

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